Using the Internet of things (IoT) to digitally empower your business

IoT gives us autonomous insight. Using these technologies key measures can be automatically processed to provide operational efficiencies and business insight.

Using IoT to Transform your Business

Exploiting the power of IoT and the security of Block chain technologies we are building smart , secure platform solutions. Whether its an impact sensor on a high speed train or a temperature sensor in a vaccine refrigerator. We can build solutions to solve your problems.

Develops IoT technologies used by other companies in our group. We develop our products using industry wide standards to enable better connectivity. We develop both the controllers and the devices.

Innovation is our game. Moving away from the dumb sensor to a smart one enables you to manage rather than react. Smart connected devices ensure that you are always informed.

Best of all our devices work seamlessly with intelligent platforms driving your business to success.

Trakalok 3 is our latest IoT enabled GPS enabled tracking device. This is the third generation of a well received line.

It is used by different industries for road, rail, sea and air freight. Securing the goods on their journey.

The technology that enables our provision of a hybrid  Internet of Everything (IoE) Platform is called ScientiaQ.

ScientiaQ is a software platform. This Platform builds on the concepts of IoE. This recognises 4 core components, things, people, processes and data.

This conceptual approach allows us to bring together cloud computing and edge computing. It allows us to define data, capture it and use it.

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